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Language: French

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Identifying cultural orientations


Your advantages

Your individual C.O.I. profile comprises the three dimensions of interaction style, thinking style and sense of self. In addition to your personal report, the following content ensures your learning success:
  • Audio evaluations and practice-relevant examples from the working environment help you to reflect cultural imprints.
  • Interactive exercises and background information facilitate the understanding of possible conflicts and provide solutions that have proven of use in practice.
  • Specific advice and alternative actions for working with colleagues and customers help you to transfer the knowledge/tools to your everyday working life.


  • Language: French
  • Group size: 10 Participant
  • Location: BBS Austria
  • Seminar type: Intercultural Competence (IC)
  • Seminar topic: COI - Cultural Orientations Indicator®
  • Training format: E-Learning
The Cultural Orientations Indicator® (C.O.I.) is a valid online assessment that places your individual cultural profile in a working context. The results of the C.O.I. help you to overcome cultural differences to work better with colleagues and business partners from other countries.
The C.O.I. is available in over ten languages and has already been used by over 15,000 people. The individual C.O.I. profile can be compared with the profiles of team members and the profile of 55 countries.