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Language: German

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Seminar content
  • The typical challenges of giving feedback
  • Feedback style and a common feedback space
  • Switching style to get your message across
  • B.R.I.D.G.E. – giving and receiving feedback in the feedback space
  • Case studies: feedback to groups


  • Language: German
  • Group size: 10 Participant
  • Location: BBS Austria
  • Seminar type: Management Competence
  • Seminar topic: Give & Receive Feedback (2)
  • Training format: Shorty (Half-day)
Feedback is one of the most important means of communication that the members and leaders of international and national teams need in order to enjoy success. The first seminar taught the effective and useful basics of giving constructive feedback. But the critical and pivotal aspect of the feedback process is how the feedback reaches the recipient. This has a lot to do with how we receive feedback ourselves. In this advanced seminar, the participants learn how to constructively receive feedback in national and international settings and what effect their own feedback style has on others. They analyze their own work-based interaction and communication style, and learn to see things from their counterpart’s perspective. The participants actively improve their feedback style using role-playing and their own example cases.

Target group

  • Executives
  • Project managers and team leaders