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Language: English

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Keeping the good arguments coming


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Seminar content
  • Self-analysis: your personal negotiating profile
  • Strategic argumentation and persuasion
  • The four pillars of the Harvard concept
  • Example cases and negotiation simulation


  • Language: English
  • Group size: 10 Participant
  • Location: BBS Austria
  • Seminar type: Management Competence
  • Seminar topic: Successful Negotiations (1)
  • Training format: 2-day Seminar
These days, the business partners on both sides of the negotiating table are well  prepared. The processes of persuasion are becoming more and more complex and goodwill alone is no longer remotely enough to influence a counterpart’s decisions. In this seminar, the participants analyze their negotiation style and then learn concrete techniques with which to adeptly state their own case even when faced with difficult business  partners. Using example cases, they learn to cleverly build up their ‘must-have’, ‘should-have’ and ‘can-have’ arguments, take the wind out of counterarguments and handle manipulation attempts. The Harvard concept serves as the basis for fair discussions with a win-win character.

Target group

  • Self-employed people, managers, purchasers, sales staff, professionals and executives