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A victory with no losers


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Seminar content
  • Self-analysis: my behavior in conflict situations
  • Types, causes and manifestations of conflict
  • Coming up with win-win solutions
  • Effective tools for preventing and resolving conflict


  • Language: French
  • Group size: 10 Participant
  • Location: BBS Austria
  • Seminar type: Management Competence
  • Seminar topic: Resolve Conflicts (1)
  • Training format: 2-day Seminar
There is all sorts of potential for conflict within a company that can be a burden on working relations and that can become a problem for everyone. Those involved can then quickly lose sight of the shared company goals. What’s the right way to handle disputes within a team and fundamentally improve working relations? You will start by analyzing your own behavior in conflict situations using self-analysis and then develop effective strategies for de-escalation and solution-oriented understanding. You will then practice tried-and-tested approaches to handling conflict using concrete examples, with everyone getting involved.

Target group

  • Professionals and executives at all levels