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Language: French

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So that people take things the right way


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Seminar content
  • Self-perception and how others perceive you: the Johari Window
  • Analyzing your effect on others
  • Five approaches to respectful  communication
  • The feedback burger
  • Checklists: giving and receiving feedback


  • Language: French
  • Group size: 10 Participant
  • Location: BBS Austria
  • Seminar type: Management Competence
  • Seminar topic: Give & Receive Feedback (1)
  • Training format: 2-day Seminar
Feedback is needed in daily work processes and meetings in order for everyone to work  towards the same goals. Constructive feedback helps you to modify your self-perception and check your behavior. But while good feedback can be extremely helpful, carelessly made  criticism can be highly destructive as it results in defense and therefore conflict. In order for feedback to be well received and for it to have an effect, the participants start by examining their own communication styles and then  familiarize themselves with the rules of feedback for both the giver and receiver. They learn techniques for respectful communication and practice them in partner and group  exercises.

Target group

  • Executives
  • Project managers and team leaders