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Language: French

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The right strategy on hand at all times


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Seminar content
  • Negotiation techniques and methods
  • Strategies and tricks
  • Virtual negotiations
  • Example case studies and simulations


  • Language: French
  • Group size: 10 Participant
  • Location: BBS Austria
  • Seminar type: Management Competence
  • Seminar topic: Successful Negotiations (2)
  • Training format: 2-day Seminar
Negotiations over deadlines, pricing and the scope of a project are part of day-to-day business. We want to be well prepared for our negotiation partner in order to arrive at the best possible solution and results. After a brief revision of the basics, the participants of the second seminar learn new negotiation strategies and learn to recognize and deal with unfair tricks. This new knowledge is reinforced with the aid of example cases and simulations. The participants work their way through various argumentation levels and practice dealing with counterarguments and uncovering manipulation attempts.

Target group

  • Self-employed people, managers, purchasers, sales staff, professionals and executives